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What is Foam-Jacking?

  • Polyurethane that reacts and expands to fill voids and raise concrete
  • made from recycled material
  • Moisture and decay resistant
  • Foam will never loose density or shrink
  • Light weight, will not over burden unstable soil
  • Several formulas designed for different applications

Benefits of Foam-Jacking

  • Raises levels and stabilizes settled concrete
  • Trip hazards eliminated
  • Cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete
  • Completed in hours, not days
  • No damage to grass or landscaping
  • Keeps concrete out of landfills
  • Light weight compared to mud-jacking
  • Small holes reduces visual evidence of repair
  • Great of stamped and decorative concrete

How Foam-Jacking Works:

  • No demo or concrete removal
  • Drill a series of 5/8" holes through the concrete
  • Inject polyurethane foam under existing concrete
  • The Polyurethane foam will flow under the slab filling voids and raising concrete to correct level
  • Patch drilled holes with concrete
  • Your concrete slab is ready or use immediately¬†


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