handled very professionally

The job was handled very professionally and promptly from the first contact with the owner. He was punctual, called and kept us well informed about when he would arrive and what would be done each day. Was on site often to check on the work that was being done. The crew handle their part of the job very well and all work was done as described on the quote that was given.

Description of work:
We have a double cement driveway and several sections had sunken over the years and were uneven and presented a danger.Tony has a way to drill into the concrete and pump a filler underneath that made the sunken sections rise and become even again. The cement had also cracked in several places and that was cleaned out and filled and the expansion joints were all cleaned an new caulking installed. We had a section also repaired where we previously had a drain replaced. Sections of a planter wall that was falling apart was completely replaced and a brick retaining wall had loose bricks reinstalled and repointed mortar joints. A landscape wall had four wall caps replaced. The driveway was thoroughly cleaned and a coat of sealant applied.

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