I would recommend ASA unconditionally

ASA Concrete is operated by Anthony Santone. Mr. Santone provided an absolutely outstanding experience in every aspect of contracting to lift residential concrete for us. The particulars … he was convenient in everything, communicated thoroughly at every stage, responsive to every request before and during the job, completely punctual, extremely professional, provided a very quality service and result at an excellent price. The person to person interaction could not have been better, and the job performance substantially exceeded expectations in 3 unusual and difficult lifting situations, each requiring extreme care and unique approach to particular circumstances … none involving the same problems. Mr. Santone lifted a heavy patio which was bound on one side to the residence foundation from poor original construction. He lifted an ungainly, heavy, long but narrow margin between driveway and along double garage doors extending outward at each end with no fracture to the piece. The third most difficult lift was eight 7 inch steps, 6 feet wide which had sunk 2 inches between brick standing walls on each side without bowing or fracturing the walls … a very difficult and delicate lift requiring great deftness, technique and critical analysis. The steps result was superb, almost impossible to imagine because of the derelict situation to start with. The steps are virtually fully restored to their correct position … without pouring new concrete, which seemed unavoidable. Mr. Santone is an excellent contractor, was highly recommended by local sources in the concrete industry, and has an established best reputation for all manner of concrete contracting. WE WOULD RECOMMEND HIM UNCONDITIONALLY.

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